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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: adult-youth/dear-grossao/french-boy-in-dcFRENCH BOY IN DC
by Jorge AlvarezDear Grossao, after I read each of your stories I feel an urgent itch for a
big black dick deep in my young male pussy. An itch I had never satisfied
until this week. I live in DC, and my class went to one of those boring
trips to the National Gallery to see old paintings. We're somewhere in the
Dutch area when I see him. A museum guard, a tall black stud, just like I
imagine you to be, Grossao, with a big bulge in his pants. And he's
watching me. Licking his thick lips. Scratching his heavy balls. Omigod,
what do I do?The class leaves but I make up an excuse to go back, I tell the teacher
I've lost my wool usenet preteens cap. I tell her I'll go home from the museum after I find
it. I turn into the Dutch room and bump into him."Hey handsome, lost something?""Yeah I guess I dropped my cap. Have you seen it?""No but we have a lost and found room, it could be there, come take a
look"."Thank you sir"."I'm Leroy. You have a funny accent"."I'm Pierre. I'm French, my dad works breast preteen photo at the embassy"."Mmmm, French... Is it true what they say of French boys?"I blush. "What do they say?""Nothing, just kidding. Come in here, this is the lost and found"."It's so dark inside... I can't see anything".Leroy locks the door behind us."Yeah the lighting here is no good but you'll get used to it. Look, there's
a bunch of caps there. But you haven't really lost yours, have you? I saw
you coming preteen darkcollection in and you had no cap"."You saw me?""Yeah and you saw me looking at you. I like your style, you know..."I blush again. "My style?""Yeah, the way you wear your hair long, your tight pants showing off your
cute ass, American boys don't go like that, they're sloppy. You really turn
me on"."Turn you on?""You know what preteens swimsuits I mean don't you? nn preteen skye You fool around with guys don't you,
French boy?""No I've never... I mean I'd like to but it never happened..."Leroy wraps his strong arm around my waist, pulls me close and sticks his
fat tongue in my mouth. My first French kiss!"Mmmmm, you're so hot... Are you really a virgin?""Yes... Is that ok?"He chuckles. "Yeah! I love to play with a virgin boy and bust his cherry"."Cherry? What cherry?"Leroy lowers his big hand, cups my round ass and sticks a fat finger
between my buttocks."This little cherry here is going to be mine, right now"."No, let me go! It's going to hurt!""Only if you resist. I know how much you want it, boy. Take it easy, Leroy
is going to fuck your pretty ass, and you're gonna love it..."My head is dizzy, I want it so bad, but I'm really scared. However, his
finger rubbing my ring preteen sex models gets me going and I relax in his arms, I go limp
against pre teenie nude his hard body. He takes my hands, pulls his hard dick out and makes
me hold it. It feels so hot. Then he pushes my head down and I get my first
taste of cock. African-American stud, uncut. Delicious."Mmmmmph! Grrrrrftph!""Say again? That's French to me..."I disgorge the giant dick with a loud PLOP!. "You're hurting my throat!"He shoves it back in."Just breath and relax and you're gonna be ok. I'm gonna feed you your
first cum load, American style. Straight up".Sure enough, in no time he's shooting in my mouth. I try to swallow but
it's too much, it flows down my chin. It's even better than I imagined,
completely overwhelming. His dick is still very hard. He turns me around,
forces me to bend over and, wiping his cum from my face, rubs it on my
virgin asshole. That's the lube I'll get for my first fuck.Leroy ebony preteen toplist teases me, rubbing the huge head on my virgin ring."Do you want my dick, French boy?""Yes, please, shove it in!""You'll have to shove it in yourself".Thanks to your stories, Grossao, I know what to do. I reach back, hold his
thick prong, aim it at my pucker, take a deep breath and push back. It
hurts like hell, I yell in pain, my tight hole resists the invasion, but
the black fucker grabs my hips and pulls me back, forcing his engorged cock
into my virgin boy pussy.He puts his big hand over my mouth to muffle my screams and starts to pound
my ass real hard. I love it. So this is what being fucked is all
about. Being no longer a virgin, taking his marvelous bull cock up my ass,
feeling completely full of dick, surrendering my young body to his power,
using my ass to make him horny, becoming a little bitch, moaning and
grunting to show my lust for him, squeezing my hole to make it tighter for
his giant fucker, humping back to meet his thrusts, begging for more,
cumming every five minutes from the sheer pleasure of having my ass
screwed, fulfilling my destiny as a slave to big black dicks."You like that dick, French boy?""Yes I love your huge dick, links porno preteens my big black stallion. Fuck my little French
ass, please, fuck me real hard"."You preteen amature nudes
know what they say of French boys? That they all love to take it up
the ass!""I don't know about the others but I sure do. I've wanted to have a big
dick up my ass since I started reading Grossao's stories"."You read them? I do to. I have a feeling that right now he's making us
real. Like it's him fucking you with my big dick. Funny feeling...""Yes I feel that, your cock is getting bigger as he takes over, it's him
fucking me with you, two black studs taking my virgin hole...""Fuck I'm close..""Yes my Grossao come inside me I want to feel your seed flooding my French
ass"."Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming! Take my cream French boy... You're my little
bitch now"."Oh yeah, oh oui, I'm cumming too. I want you to fuck me day and night, my
big black stud. I'll leave my window open so you can come to fuck me in my
bed. I want to feel you cumming in me in the morning. I'll take you to
France and you can fuck all the French boys you want"."Fuck yeah, squeeze that cute little ass, French boy. I'll come to your
room and fuck you all night long. And Pierre, speaking of French boys, do
you have a little brother?"
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